Health & Safety Statement

Dear valued customers

We fully appreciate you will want to know how we are approaching health & safety right now, to be sure that you receive a home delivery in a safe and compliant way…


1/ We are keeping extremely high levels of cleanliness, our mantra right now is “ABC”…”Always Be Cleaning”…

2/ We are frequently and thoroughly washing our hands, and regularly cleaning all equipment and surfaces

3/ We are paying special attention to our washrooms and ensuring there is plenty of soap and hand towels available

4/ We operate a regular & full disinfecting process of the entire premises

5/ We are ‘huddling’ every morning with all staff, to ensure that we know immediately if anyone is becoming ill or feels that that they may have come into contact with anyone else showing Coronavirus symptoms

In maintaining the above precautions, we aim to keep the premises as safe as possible.


1/ We are respecting social distance guidelines at all times

2/ We our washing our hands as often as possible and wearing gloves when necessary

3/ Our driver will wear a mask and wash / sanitise their hands after each delivery

4/ We will then call you to ensure safe delivery

In maintaining the above precautions, we aim to keep you and us as safe as possible.

Thank you & stay safe!

The Kinkajou Team